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Come out to Welcome the President and Executive for 2024 -2025

General meetings still start at 7:30 pm until the new branch regulations are certified by ontario Command

General Meetings as per Branch Regulations are held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm.

With the Exception of July & August

They are open to all of our members in good standing.

Attend & Support your 2023-2024 President & Executive

As part of your Membership Oath you are required to observe the Rules and By-Laws and Promote the works of the Legion

 By-Laws – Ontario Command as Amended to December 2019 Article IX – Branches

NOTIFICATION RE MEETINGS - 918. (1) A Meeting Notification shall be communicated to every Member of the Branch in good standing at least seven (7) days in advance of each General and Annual General Meeting at if scheduled for a day and time other than that specified in their Branch Regulations.

  Section (4) A – Meeting Notification required under these or any other provision of the General By-Laws shall be communicated to all members entitled to attend the subject Meeting via one (1) of the following methods.

(a) By personal hand delivery; or (b) By Canada Post, or other courier service, or (c) Personal delivery to the Members last known address; or (d) By electronic communication.

(7) Each Branch Member shall: (a) Notify their Branch in writing of the method(s) by which they wish to receive Meeting Notifications. (b) Provide their personal postal mailing address to their Branch and ensure the information is kept current.

(c) Provide their current electronic contact information to their Branch, should they wish to receive any or all Meeting Notifications via this means.

(d) Activate “to follow” or subscribe to any social media facility provided by their Branch, should they wish to receive any or all Meeting Notifications via this means.


  Royal Canadian Legion

 Application Form

Print off the Application Form and mail or drop it off at the Branch - The Membership Chair will bring it before the Executive and Membership for Approval.

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